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Above all, your website should create trust and convince the customer that you are the right person for the job. We have generated more than 300,000 phone calls to craftsmen. So we know exactly what it takes to transform visitors into customers.

Looks Good on All Screens

You will get a website in a responsive design. In other words, the design automatically adapts to the size of your customer’s screen.

So your website will work optimally, whether your customer finds your website from a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Click-To-Call Button on Mobile

It is easier to close a sale If you have the customer on the phone. That is why we have made it even easier for potential customers to call you.

One efficient method is to have a click-to-call button when customers visit your site from a mobile phone. And of course, we have made one of these to make it easy for your customers to call you.

Based on Tried-And-Tested Templates

Our call tracking gives us access to data from millions of website visitors and hundreds of thousands of phone calls. We use this data to optimise our templates.

The templates provide you with an affordable website that can handle the task of converting your visitors into customers.

What Does This Mean for Me?

It gives you a website that is both better and cheaper. Better because the conversion from visitor to customer is higher, and cheaper because it is more efficient to build websites based on proven templates.

.. Who Will Come Back

Happy customers will come back. You know that.

We make it easy for you to offer a great customer experience. Giving you more regular customers, who will come back. That is good business.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

What happens to my website if I cancel my subscription?

We work from the principle that everything is yours. In relation to the website, this means that you can take all the ‘building blocks’ with you in the form of text, images, designs, etc. Unfortunately, you cannot move the actual website, as it is built on our own CMS (Content Management System). But with the building blocks we provide, an agency can quickly rebuild it in another CMS, such as WordPress.

Can I make changes to the website myself?

Yes. It is possible to make basic changes to the texts on your website. But it doesn’t cost anything for us to do it, and it’s a much better solution for you. This is because there are many considerations behind our choice of design and texts. The texts have to appeal to the users and make them want to call you. But the texts also have to appeal to Google so you can be found on the keywords that are relevant to you. Due to our call tracking, we are measured by how many customers you get. That’s why we offer to make the changes for you so that we ensure that your website is always optimised. All you have to do is send an email to, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Can I have a unique design, even though the website is built on a template?

Yes. We have many different templates, which can all be adapted to many different parameters. But if you want your very own design implemented down to the smallest detail, then you’ll need to contact a web agency. You just need to be aware that there’ll be a trade-off associated with it. You’ll get your design exactly as you (or the designer) want it. However, it will cost considerably more, and your new website will probably be less effective for converting your visitors into customers. This is because you probably won’t have enough time or visitors to work out the optimal conversion on your unique website.

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