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When your website is optimised, the next step is to attract a lot of relevant visitors. Google is the dominant search engine, and there are two options for attracting visitors: Search engine optimisation and Google AdWords.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The main advantage of SEO is that clicks to your website are free. However, the problem is that Google is constantly changing the criteria. So if you want to be on top, your website has to be continuously optimised.

We have automated large parts of the optimisation process. This gives you more SEO for your money. And optimisation is part of your ongoing subscription, so your website will always be up to date.


AdWords is paid advertising that gives you quick access to the top of Google’s search results. The main advantage is that you can turn it up and down as needed. However, you have to pay for every click.

We optimise your AdWords campaigns with our call tracking. This ensures as many relevant enquiries as possible for your money. And we always agree a maximum budget per month, so the costs don’t get out of hand.

What Does This Mean for Me?

The combination of SEO and AdWords is an insurance policy against falling demand. If you are not getting enough customers through SEO, you can always start Google AdWords at short notice so your employees are always kept busy.

.. Who Will Come Back

Happy customers will come back. You know that.

We make it easy for you to offer a great customer experience. Giving you more regular customers, who will come back. That is good business.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

Do my employees have access to all the communication in the Maguru app?

No. You control how much the individual employee is allowed to have access to. The default setting only allows the administrator to see everything. As a rule, ordinary employees cannot see emails or listen to telephone calls.

Are both incoming and outgoing communication collected?

Yes. Both incoming and outgoing communication are displayed on a collective timeline, whether they are phone calls, emails or text messages. And no matter which employee has had the dialogue with the customer. However, outgoing phone calls are only displayed if they are made via the Maguru app.

Are all phone calls, emails and text messages recorded in the system, including private communication?

No. It only applies to incoming phone calls to your main number, a tracking number or a virtual number. It does not register calls to or from your own mobile numbers. Outgoing phone calls from you to the customer are only registered if you call via the Maguru app. Emails are only displayed in the CRM system if the email is sent to or from an email address associated with a customer. And finally, only in-app messages sent via the Maguru app or My Craftsman app are registered, not regular text messages.

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