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My Craftsman App

The CRM system gives you all your customer communication in one place. Likewise, the My Craftsman app gives the customer all communication and documentation in one place. The app provides a better customer experience – and makes it easy for the customer to find you again.

My Craftsmen

The My Craftsman app enables your customers to easily call your employees on their virtual number. And they can write messages that your employees will receive directly in the Maguru app.

All communication is stored so that both you and the customer have a clear overview of what has been agreed. And the customer can easily contact you again the next time he needs a craftsman.

Find Craftsmen

Customers can use the app to find craftsmen in other industries – ranked in order of customer satisfaction. When the customer uses the app he is guaranteed the same positive customer experience every time. And he has access to everything in one place, across all the different types of craftsmen he uses.

You will automatically be listed under ‘Find Craftsman’. So you can benefit from getting new customers for free.

What Does This Mean for Me?

You will get more customers who will come back because they can find you directly in the app. And because your customers have you listed as the preferred craftsman in your industry, it is easy for them to contact you again.

.. and Recommend You to Others

Happy customers will recommend you to others. We have made it easy to get feedback directly from our customers. So you can follow up on dissatisfied customers – and get more recommendations from satisfied customers.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

How does My Craftsman app improve the experience for my customers?

Your customers will get all their communication and all documentation together in one place, completely automatically. They can see a list of your employees showing their first name and photo, and they can directly call or write to the relevant employee. The communication is displayed on one collective timeline, regardless of how you have communicated (phone calls, email or text messages), and whichever employee they have communicated with. In addition, all documents are automatically stored so that they can easily find them again.

How can a better customer experience improve my business?

The customer’s experience determines whether he will come back and recommend you to others. And your business will be more efficient if you have many returning customers and customers who you’ve been recommended to. This is partly because you don’t need to buy new customers through advertising, and partly because they are easier to manage. Trust has already been established, so they are less likely to seek more competitive offers and are less focused on the price. Plus the fact that it’s more comfortable to work for customers when there’s a good relationship.

How can my customers find me again in the My Craftsman app?

When your customers call or write to you, you will automatically be saved in the ‘My Craftsmen’ list. This means your customers can easily find you again, and they have all the previous communication at hand. Often, customers cannot remember which craftsman they used last time. The ‘My Craftsmen’ list makes it very easy and convenient to return to the same craftsman again.

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