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Call Tracking

A new customer calls. But where did the customer find you? We have developed a technology that makes it easy for you to track where calls come from. This means that you can follow the customer all the way from the initial contact to invoice.

See Where Customers Come from

We track the calls by placing a small piece of code on your website. The code replaces your phone number with a series of numbers that change dynamically.

When the customer calls on a tracking number, you can follow the customer’s digital footprint. You can see which pages on your website he has visited and how he found your website.

This knowledge is indispensable when we optimise your website.

Get an Overview of All Your Enquiries

On your customer page you can see all the calls listed with name, number and source – in other words, where the customer has found you.

You can also see if the call was answered and listen to a recording of the conversation. Then you can easily assess how relevant the enquiries are – and you don’t have to call the customer again if you missed a detail.

See the Effect Right down to the Last Cent

You can follow the customer’s path, all the way until the invoice is sent – and see if the customer returns and buys from you again. Because our system integrates with your accounting system.

This means that you can see exactly how much revenue is generated from each marketing channel.

So you can stop guessing and start doing more of what is working.

What Does This Mean for Me?

You no longer run the risk of wasting your marketing budget because you can see exactly what you are getting for your money. You can also cancel anytime you like, as we have no long-term contracts or binding periods.

Get More Customers

The visitors that come to your website have to be relevant to you. Otherwise, it’s pointless.

We make sure to attract the right kind of customers, when they are ready to buy – and we ensure that you get the most possible customers out of your visitors.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

Will I lose any future calls to the tracking numbers if I choose to cancel my subscription?

No. If you cancel your subscription, we will put your tracking numbers in quarantine. During the quarantine period, the tracking numbers will still be forwarded to your main number, even though you are no longer a customer. A tracking number is only released to a new customer when there have been no call to the number for 3 consecutive months. If there is even just one call to the number, the period will be reset. Then, once again, three consecutive months have to pass without calls before the number is released.

Do you record all incoming calls?

If you have bought one of our marketing solutions, only incoming calls on the tracking numbers will be recorded. If you have bought one of our communication solutions, we will record all incoming calls as part of Maguru CRM. Including all calls to your main number and employees’ virtual numbers. We do not record calls made directly to your mobile numbers.

Will my customers know that the conversation is being recorded?

Yes. The customer hears a standard welcome greeting, informing him that the conversation will be recorded. You can also choose to record your own personalised welcome greeting. However, it is a requirement that your welcome greeting has to state that the conversation is being recorded.

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