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Good recommendations come in two steps. Firstly, it is about getting feedback directly from the customer, so you can ensure the customer is satisfied with the work. Once you have established that the customer is satisfied, the next step is to help him tell others.

Measure Customer Satisfaction

We automatically send a satisfaction survey to your customers.

You will receive a notification directly in your Maguru app as soon as a customer has answered. This makes it easy to call and follow up if the customer has had a bad experience. And it reduces the risk of the customer writing a bad review.

You can also use the detailed feedback to help train your employees. Or improve your internal processes.

Get Positive Reviews

The system will automatically solicit a review from happy customers.

Customers that give you a good rating are sent a message and can easily share their positive experiences. This kicks-off your digital word-of-mouth marketing. In this way, potential customers find you more easily.

It will also have a positive effect on your ranking in search engines. Especially when you get new reviews continuously and on several different review portals.

What Does This Mean for Me?

Good reviews save you time and money. Because you will be selected for more of the jobs you bid on when the customer trusts you to do good work. And because you will get more customers through recommendations and a better ranking on Google.

Measure and Optimise

You need to measure your marketing efforts to know what is working. Our call tracking enables you to see where every single call comes from. And we optimise your marketing based on what is most cost effective for you.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

Why should I work systematically with reviews?

Online reviews aren’t something you can opt out of. Whether you like it or not, you have a reputation and people will always be able to submit online reviews. You might as well take the bull by the horns and focus on creating good customer experiences and getting positive reviews.

How do reviews impact my ranking in Google and other search engines?

They have a positive impact, provided the following criteria are met: Your reviews must be submitted on an ongoing basis. Your reviews should be mostly positive. And your reviews must be distributed across several different reviewing portals. This is because Google tries to assess whether your reviews look natural. It doesn’t look natural if you get 30 good reviews in a single week, and nothing for the next 6 months. The only thing that works is to work long-term to give your customers a good experience and constantly encourage them to submit online reviews. This is what our system can help you with.

Are there other benefits to having many positive reviews?

Yes. It positively effects the conversion, all the way from visitors to invoice. If you have many positive reviews, you’ll find that you’ll get more of the jobs you put in offers for. Even if your offer isn’t necessarily the cheapest one. This is because your reviews help you stand out from your competitors. So you can compete on quality, rather than on price. Your bottom line will thank you for that.

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