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A CRM system handles communication with your customer and creates better customer relationships. But the problem is getting data into the system. That is why we have created a CRM system that automatically collects all customer communication for you.

CRM with Integrated Communications

The system automatically collects all phone calls, emails and text messages from the customer. And you can easily follow and keep a clear overview on each customer’s timeline.

This means that all your employees have an overview of the communication, regardless of how you have communicated with the customer. And regardless of who had the dialogue.

Furthermore, all dialogue is documented so any disputes about what was agreed can be solved easily.

Virtual Phone Numbers

All employees will get a virtual number that they can give to customers. Then the system will help you handle all incoming calls.

This could be in the form of forwarding unanswered calls if an employee is busy or if the customer calls outside normal opening hours.

So you avoid disturbing your employees outside working hours or interrupting them when they are busy working.

Effective Telephony

We collect all your calls in our telephony solution. A spam filter removes all unwanted calls. And you can easily set up rules to direct missed calls to an answering machine or a call centre that answers on your behalf.

You will receive a message when there are unanswered calls. And it is easy for you to see who called and listen to a recording of the conversation or a message on the answering machine.

What Does This Mean for Me?

You can give your customers a much better experience. And you will save time since your employees can communicate directly with customers without you becoming the bottleneck in the communication.

.. and Recommend You to Others

Happy customers will recommend you to others. We have made it easy to get feedback directly from our customers. So you can follow up on dissatisfied customers – and get more recommendations from satisfied customers.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

How can you collect all phone calls, e-mails and text messages automatically?

Phone calls are collected by routing all calls through our phone system (a so-called ‘PBX’). E-mails are collected by integrating our solution with your e-mail server. Text messages are collected by replacing SMS communication with so-called in-app messages, i.e. messages that are sent directly from the Maguru app and the My Craftsman app over the internet, instead of over the phone network.

Is it all phone calls, e-mails and text messages that are registered in the CRM system, including private communication?

No. It is only incoming phone calls to your main number, call tracking numbers or virtual numbers. Not calls to your individual mobile phone numbers. Outgoing phone calls from you to the customer will only be registered if you call out from the Maguru app. E-mails are only shown in the CRM system, if the e-mail is sent to or from an e-mail address, that is associated with a customer. And finally, it is only in-app messages sent via the Maguru appe or the My Craftsman app that is registerede, not ordinary SMS messages.

Is it both in- and outgoing communication that is registered?

Yes. In- and outgoing communication is shown in one timeline, regardless of whether it is a phone call, an e-mail or a text message. And regardless which employee had the dialogue with the customer. Outgoing phone calls are only shown, if you call out via the Maguru app.

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