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About Maguru

What is Maguru?

Maguru is a marketing and communication for craftsmen companies. The marketing element makes it easy for you to get new customers in a transparent way. The communication element ensures that your customers enjoy a positive customer experience so they'll come back and recommend you to others.

Can we use Maguru?

Maguru is made for craftsmen companies that want to optimise their businesses. And who can see the business benefits of providing a good customer experience.

Is Maguru a web agency?

The difference between Maguru and a traditional web agency is our technological platform, which makes it possible to deliver more with fewer resources. In addition, we don't earn money by selling hours. For a fixed amount per month, you have access to our technological platform and unlimited support.


Why should I integrate my other systems with Maguru?

Integration with your other systems allows us to automate a large part of your marketing and communication with your customers. Furthermore, it means you can follow the customer all the way from his initial search for you on Google until you send an invoice.

Which systems do you integrate with?

We integrate with the accounting programs e-conomic, Billy and Dinero, as well as the order management systems Ordrestyring.dk and Minuba.

Do you have plans to enable integration of more systems?

Yes, there will be more. Please send us an email to support@maguru.dk if you have a system you want to integrate into.


Do I have to use the Maguru app to be your customer?

The Maguru app is primarily for the users of our communication solution, Maguru CRM. If you are one of our marketing solution customers, you'll find all the marketing statistics on your customer page that you can access via desktop, by clicking ‘Login’ in the upper right corner here on the page.

Do I have access to the same data in the Maguru app as on my customer page?

Not quite. Your Maguru customer page on desktop contains all the communication you'll find in the Maguru app. But your customer page also contains detailed statistics about your marketing that you won't find in the Maguru app.

What is the difference between the My Craftsman app and the Maguru app?

The My Craftsman app is for your customers, and the Maguru app is for you and your employees. Your communication data is collected as part of the Maguru CRM system and is mirrored in the My Craftsman app. So it's basically the same communication data that is displayed, just in reversed lists.


Will I lose any future calls to the tracking numbers if I choose to cancel my subscription?

No. If you cancel your subscription, we will put your tracking numbers in quarantine. During the quarantine period, the tracking numbers will still be forwarded to your main number, even though you are no longer a customer. A tracking number is only released to a new customer when there have been no call to the number for 3 consecutive months. If there is even just one call to the number, the period will be reset. Then, once again, three consecutive months have to pass without calls before the number is released.

Do you record all incoming calls?

If you have bought one of our marketing solutions, only incoming calls on the tracking numbers will be recorded. If you have bought one of our communication solutions, we will record all incoming calls as part of Maguru CRM. Including all calls to your main number and employees' virtual numbers. We do not record calls made directly to your mobile numbers.

Will my customers know that the conversation is being recorded?

Yes. The customer hears a standard welcome greeting, informing him that the conversation will be recorded. You can also choose to record your own personalised welcome greeting. However, it is a requirement that your welcome greeting has to state that the conversation is being recorded.

Can I have call tracking with you, even though my website is with another provider?

Yes. Call tracking is a part of both our marketing and communication solutions. So whichever product you choose, call tracking will be included. Our communication solution does not contain a website, in which case you would have to ask your current provider to implement a small piece of code on your existing website. This enables you to measure your marketing, but in this case it will be your current provider's responsibility to carry out optimisation.


What happens to my website if I cancel my subscription?

We work from the principle that everything is yours. In relation to the website, this means that you can take all the ‘building blocks’ with you in the form of text, images, designs, etc. Unfortunately, you cannot move the actual website, as it is built on our own CMS (Content Management System). But with the building blocks we provide, an agency can quickly rebuild it in another CMS, such as WordPress.

Can I make changes to the website myself?

Yes. It is possible to make basic changes to the texts on your website. But it doesn't cost anything for us to do it, and it's a much better solution for you. This is because there are many considerations behind our choice of design and texts. The texts have to appeal to the users and make them want to call you. But the texts also have to appeal to Google so you can be found on the keywords that are relevant to you. Due to our call tracking, we are measured by how many customers you get. That's why we offer to make the changes for you so that we ensure that your website is always optimised. All you have to do is send an email to support@maguru.dk, and we'll take care of the rest.

Can I have a unique design, even though the website is built on a template?

Yes. We have many different templates, which can all be adapted to many different parameters. But if you want your very own design implemented down to the smallest detail, then you'll need to contact a web agency. You just need to be aware that there'll be a trade-off associated with it. You'll get your design exactly as you (or the designer) want it. However, it will cost considerably more, and your new website will probably be less effective for converting your visitors into customers. This is because you probably won't have enough time or visitors to work out the optimal conversion on your unique website.


Do my employees have access to all the communication in the Maguru app?

No. You control how much the individual employee is allowed to have access to. The default setting only allows the administrator to see everything. As a rule, ordinary employees cannot see emails or listen to telephone calls.

Are both incoming and outgoing communication collected?

Yes. Both incoming and outgoing communication are displayed on a collective timeline, whether they are phone calls, emails or text messages. And no matter which employee has had the dialogue with the customer. However, outgoing phone calls are only displayed if they are made via the Maguru app.

Are all phone calls, emails and text messages recorded in the system, including private communication?

No. It only applies to incoming phone calls to your main number, a tracking number or a virtual number. It does not register calls to or from your own mobile numbers. Outgoing phone calls from you to the customer are only registered if you call via the Maguru app. Emails are only displayed in the CRM system if the email is sent to or from an email address associated with a customer. And finally, only in-app messages sent via the Maguru app or My Craftsman app are registered, not regular text messages.

How do you automatically collect phone calls, emails and text messages?

Phone calls are collected by routing all calls through our telephone system (a so-called 'PBX'). Emails are collected by integrating our solution with your email server. Text messages are collected by replacing text message communication with so-called in-app messages. This means that messages are sent directly between the Maguru app and the My Craftsman app over the internet, instead of over the telephone network.

What happens to my Google AdWords account if I cancel my subscription?

We work from the principle that everything is yours. In relation to your AdWords account, this means that you own the account. We just administrate the account for the period you're a customer with us. If you change supplier, the administrator simply transfers the rights to the new supplier. However, this means you'll lose the ability to measure and optimise your Google AdWords advertising through our call tracking.

How much should I spend on Google AdWords per month?

As little as possible. Perhaps search engine optimisation will suffice, so your AdWords account can mostly be used as an insurance policy. In other words, use it as something that can be increased if you experience a falling demand, as an alternative to dismissing workers. You can also go in and work with how many of your customers come back and recommend you to others. This will reduce the need for AdWords advertising. But if you have many employees you need to find jobs for, or if you are a brand-new company, AdWords is hard to avoid. 35% of our customers have AdWords, and they spend an average of DKK 2,345 on AdWords budget per month.

Is the Google AdWords budget included in the cost of my subscription?

No. You settle the AdWords budget directly with Google. It is important to emphasise that we do not receive any commission from Google. This means we have exactly the same interest as you – in spending as little money on Google AdWords as possible. We'd rather help you get your customers to come back again and recommend you to other people. And this doesn't cost anything.


How can you collect all phone calls, e-mails and text messages automatically?

Phone calls are collected by routing all calls through our phone system (a so-called ‘PBX’). E-mails are collected by integrating our solution with your e-mail server. Text messages are collected by replacing SMS communication with so-called in-app messages, i.e. messages that are sent directly from the Maguru app and the My Craftsman app over the internet, instead of over the phone network.

Is it all phone calls, e-mails and text messages that are registered in the CRM system, including private communication?

No. It is only incoming phone calls to your main number, call tracking numbers or virtual numbers. Not calls to your individual mobile phone numbers. Outgoing phone calls from you to the customer will only be registered if you call out from the Maguru app. E-mails are only shown in the CRM system, if the e-mail is sent to or from an e-mail address, that is associated with a customer. And finally, it is only in-app messages sent via the Maguru appe or the My Craftsman app that is registerede, not ordinary SMS messages.

Is it both in- and outgoing communication that is registered?

Yes. In- and outgoing communication is shown in one timeline, regardless of whether it is a phone call, an e-mail or a text message. And regardless which employee had the dialogue with the customer. Outgoing phone calls are only shown, if you call out via the Maguru app.

Will my employees be able to access all communication in the Maguru app?

No. You control how much each individual employee should have access to. The default setting is that it is only administrators, who can see everything. By default, employees will not be able to see e-mails or listen to recorded phone calls.

My Craftsman

How does My Craftsman app improve the experience for my customers?

Your customers will get all their communication and all documentation together in one place, completely automatically. They can see a list of your employees showing their first name and photo, and they can directly call or write to the relevant employee. The communication is displayed on one collective timeline, regardless of how you have communicated (phone calls, email or text messages), and whichever employee they have communicated with. In addition, all documents are automatically stored so that they can easily find them again.

How can a better customer experience improve my business?

The customer's experience determines whether he will come back and recommend you to others. And your business will be more efficient if you have many returning customers and customers who you've been recommended to. This is partly because you don't need to buy new customers through advertising, and partly because they are easier to manage. Trust has already been established, so they are less likely to seek more competitive offers and are less focused on the price. Plus the fact that it's more comfortable to work for customers when there's a good relationship.

How can my customers find me again in the My Craftsman app?

When your customers call or write to you, you will automatically be saved in the ‘My Craftsmen’ list. This means your customers can easily find you again, and they have all the previous communication at hand. Often, customers cannot remember which craftsman they used last time. The ‘My Craftsmen’ list makes it very easy and convenient to return to the same craftsman again.

How do I get my customers to download the My Craftsman app?

It happens completely automatically. An invitation will be sent when you create the customer in your systems.

What about the customers who don’t download the My Craftsman app?

It makes no difference to you. You can still see all the communication data in the Maguru app. It is collected and displayed in your Maguru CRM system, regardless of whether your customer has downloaded the My Craftsman app. The only difference is when you write an in-app message to a customer who hasn't downloaded the My Craftsman app. In this case, the customer will receive the message in a text message that can't be answered, with a suggestion to download the My Craftsman app.


Why should I work systematically with reviews?

Online reviews aren't something you can opt out of. Whether you like it or not, you have a reputation and people will always be able to submit online reviews. You might as well take the bull by the horns and focus on creating good customer experiences and getting positive reviews.

How do reviews impact my ranking in Google and other search engines?

They have a positive impact, provided the following criteria are met: Your reviews must be submitted on an ongoing basis. Your reviews should be mostly positive. And your reviews must be distributed across several different reviewing portals. This is because Google tries to assess whether your reviews look natural. It doesn't look natural if you get 30 good reviews in a single week, and nothing for the next 6 months. The only thing that works is to work long-term to give your customers a good experience and constantly encourage them to submit online reviews. This is what our system can help you with.

Are there other benefits to having many positive reviews?

Yes. It positively effects the conversion, all the way from visitors to invoice. If you have many positive reviews, you'll find that you'll get more of the jobs you put in offers for. Even if your offer isn't necessarily the cheapest one. This is because your reviews help you stand out from your competitors. So you can compete on quality, rather than on price. Your bottom line will thank you for that.

Which reviewing portals can I invite my customers to write reviews on?

We support Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, Anmeld Håndværker and Håndværker.dk. It's up to you which of these portals you want to be linked to. As a starting point, you should include as many as possible, out of consideration for the effect on your search engine optimisation.

How does the system know when to send a satisfaction survey to the customer?

We integrate with your accounting program, so we can see when an invoice has been sent to your customer. Then we'll automatically send a satisfaction survey a few days later.

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