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The Maguru App

The Maguru app is for you and your employees. The app shows you a timeline with all the communication you have had with each customer. This applies regardless of which communication channels you have used with your customer (phone, email or text messages) and regardless of which of you have had the dialogue with the customer.

When you call from the app, it is done via a virtual phone number, so it is always this number that will appear to the customers. This allows you to manage the communication so that any incoming calls can be redirected to the main number if the customer calls outside opening hours, if you are busy on another call or if you have chosen the ‘Do not disturb’ setting in the app.

In practice, this means that you and your employees do not need to carry two phones – one for work, and one for private. The Maguru app and the virtual phone numbers allow you to distinguish between work and private life, even if you only have one phone.

My Craftsman App

The My Craftsman app is for your customers. We mirror all the data that we automatically collect as part of your Maguru CRM system in the My Craftsman app. In this way, your customers get an identical overview of all their communication and documents. This offers a superior customer experience, and makes the customer more likely to come back and buy your services again.

Under ‘Find Craftsman’, customers can find craftsmen in other industries, who all use the Maguru CRM system. This means the customer gets all the communication and documentation together in one place – across all the different craftsmen they use.

This gives you the benefit of getting new customers via ‘Find Craftsman’, as well as the bonus that customers will return because you are their preferred craftsman under ‘My Craftsmen.

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