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About Maguru

We started Maguru in 2014 because we wanted to make it easier for small and medium-sized service companies to see what they got for the money they invested in marketing.

In 2014, Google Analytics had been available for 10 years. This was a brilliant tool for web shop owners, because they could measure exactly what return they received on their marketing investments.

But service companies were still left guessing.

The reason was that service companies received their enquiries by phone. Unlike a web shop, where customers click through their orders – and where everything can be measured – it was not possible to trace which marketing initiative led to the customer’s enquiry.

And this meant there was no opportunity to measure whether there was a return in the marketing investment.

This meant that most suppliers sold a product where you did not know what you were getting for your money – and you were often bound by long contracts for up to 5 years.

Many companies have burnt their fingers on this model.

A Product We Could Vouch for

We wanted to change this. We wanted to make a solution that we would feel confident recommending to friends and family.

Our first product was a total marketing package that included our own specially developed call tracking system. For the first time, our technology made it possible for service companies to see how many enquiries they received through their marketing.

We combined this with monthly subscriptions that enabled you to terminate the agreement quickly if you were not satisfied with the results.

In early 2016, we expanded our call tracking to be integrated with the most commonly used accounting programs. This meant that you could now follow your customer’s progress all the way from Google search to invoice – what web shop owners had been able to do for over 10 years.

Focus on Craftsmen Companies

At the same time, we chose to focus on working with craftsmen companies.

We had spotted a trend:

Craftsmen companies preferred to work with regular customers and new customers through recommendations, rather than a constant flow of brand-new customers.

The reason was simple: It is cheaper and easier working with this type of customer because trust has already been established.

At the same time, we could also see that craftsmen had difficulty delivering a decent customer experience – which affected their ability to maintain regular customers and get customers through recommendations.

Therefore, we expanded our call tracking technology with a CRM system specifically designed for craftsmen. The greatest challenge was that craftsmen did not have enough time to enter data into a CRM system. And a CRM system is worthless without any data.

Therefore, we knew that our CRM system would have to collect all incoming and outgoing communication completely automatically.

Admission: It was a huge challenge. But we did it anyway.

A Brand-New CRM System Only for Craftsmen

In early 2017, the first version of Maguru CRM was completed. The system contained solutions for call collection and integrations for all email servers.

The result was a timeline where all communication was combined chronologically so that the craftsman could easily find the start and finish of his customer communication – and thus deliver a better service.

But we were not finished yet.

The goal was to give craftsmen’s customers an even better customer experience.

In 2018, we launched the My Craftsman app, where we made communication available between craftsmen and their customers.

This meant that we could improve the customer’s experience – at the same time as we made it easier for the customer to contact the craftsman again.

Therefore, we are fulfilling our mission of giving you more customers who come back again – and recommend you to others.

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