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Marketing and Communications for Craftsmen

Build your business on good customer relations, and get more customers who will come back – and recommend you to others.

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Measure and Optimise

You need to measure your marketing efforts to know what is working.

Our call tracking system enables you to see where every single call comes from. And we optimise your marketing based on what is most cost effective for you.

This gives you the most value for money.

  • Get an overview of the enquiries that come from your marketing efforts.
  • See which marketing channel your customers come from
  • See how much you are earning from your marketing.

Get More Customers

The visitors that come to your website have to be relevant to you. Otherwise, it is pointless.

We make sure to attract the right kind of customers, when they are ready to buy – and we ensure that you get the most possible customers out of your visitors.

In this way your website works for you 24/7.

  • Website designed to transform visitors into customers
  • Relevant visitors based on keywords and geography
  • Optimising conversions from calls to invoices.

.. Who Will Come Back

Happy, satisfied customers will come back. You know that.

We make it easy for you to give your customers a great customer experience. So you can have more regular customers, who will come back again and again.

That is good business.

  • Get more efficient communications and higher customer satisfaction
  • Get higher lifetime value with regular customers who come back
  • Become less dependent on marketing efforts aimed at new customers.

.. and Recommend You to Others

Happy customers will recommend you to others.

Our tool automatically gives you feedback from your customers. It provides you with a simple system where you can easily follow up on dissatisfied customers – and get more recommendations from satisfied customers.

  • Get automatic feedback from your customers
  • Proactively follow up on dissatisfied customers
  • Get more recommendations from happy customers

Maguru Integrates With

Order and case management

Financial Accounting


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“Med 20 mio. kroner i ryggen vil iværksættervirksomhed gøre det nemmere at få fat i en håndværker og holde kontakten undervejs. ”

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